MAKstride is a Family Owned and Operated Precision Machine Shop Located in Prescott, Arizona. MAKstride has been a leader in the Prosthetic Industry for many years and now, we are trying to bring our manufacturing expertise to customers from all industries.

Precision Manufacturing.


American Manufacturing, for the American Quality Standards.

At MAKstride we are ready to work with you through all stages of production. From the concept development to the finishing process, we will get the job done with the highest precision and best quality possible.

Our Mission

MAKstride exists to provide high precision CNC and waterjet manufacturing services focused on satisfying customer demands and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in Quality centered manufacturing. As well as in bringing the best Customer Experience to the table.

Our Promise

Our promise to you, our customer is that MAKstride will not only offer you the best quality product manufacture but also the best customer experience that you deserve.

MAKstride counts with the only Waterjet in the Prescott area!

3221 Tower Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86305
Telephone: +1 (928) 460-6054
FAX: +1 661 864 7512

MAKstride got started by manufacturing Prosthetics and still to this day, remains a leader in the industry.